Генериране на SSH ключ през CPANEL

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Manage SSH Keys > Generate a New Key

Screenshot from 2015-11-09 00:56:14

След генерирането се получи

The system successfully generated your key.

В Public Keys:

избираме id_rsa10 ключа който желаем и избираме Manage Authorization

Натискаме „authorized“

The key “id_rsa10.pub” has been authorized.

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Private Keys:
избираме id_rsa10 ключа който желаем и избираме View or Download

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Избираме това което желаем

връзка пре ssh linux

ssh -i id_rsa10 потребител-за-cpanel@serverXX.XXXX -p 10022

паролата е тази с която се логваме в CPANEL




mysqli::statmysqli_statGets the current system status



(PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5)

mysql_statGet current system status


This extension was deprecated in PHP 5.5.0, and it was removed in PHP 7.0.0. Instead, the MySQLi orPDO_MySQL extension should be used. See also MySQL: choosing an API guide and related FAQ for more information. Alternatives to this function include:


Example #1 mysql_stat() example

Outputs something similar to:

Uptime: 698
Threads: 1
Questions: 4
Slow queries: 0
Opens: 19
Flush tables: 1
Open tables: 12
Queries per second avg: 0.5


MySQL show status – show open database connections

MySQL „show status“ FAQ: Can you demonstrate how to use the MySQL show statuscommand to show MySQL variables and status information, such as the number of open MySQL connections?

I don’t have a whole lot of time today to give this a detailed discussion, but here is a quick look at some MySQL work that I did recently to show MySQL open database connections.

MySQL show status – Open database connections

You can show MySQL open database connections (and other MySQL database parameters) using the MySQL show status command, like this:

All those rows and values that are printed out correspond to MySQL variables that you can look at. Notice that I use like 'Conn%'in the first example to show variables that look like „Connection“, then got a little wiser in my second MySQL show status query.

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Regex на Български имена

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PHP mail — Send mail

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