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Setup a Domain You Purchased Elsewhere (weebly)

Do you want to use a domain you purchased somewhere else? No problem! You’re more than welcome to do so if you have a current subscription to either our Starter or Pro service. You simply need to alter a few records with your domain host.

Connecting an outside domain to your site requires that you change the domain’s DNS records to point them to one of our IP Addresses.  That looks something like this:



Look confusing? If so, we strongly recommend that you ask your domain registrar / host to point the domain here for you. The changes we’re requesting are the sort of thing your domain host likely deals with hundreds of times every day, so they’ll be able to make the changes with ease. We’ve even written an email you can send them:

I made a website using Weebly and need to point my domain to their servers.  Can you set this up or walk me through the process of making these changes?  I need to change my A-Records for both „www“ and my root domain. That’s one record for www.mydomain.com pointing to And one record for mydomain.com also pointing to

If you need more info on these changes, please see:


Note that I want to keep using you as my domain registrar.  I am not requesting a transfer and do not have new name servers to provide you.

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